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Automatic planners

The automatic shift and activity planners divide up shifts and activities based on a capacity plan specified by you. In doing so, they take account of competences, absences, part-time percentages and hours already worked. Naturally, you can also make links and the planners highlight which shifts or activities have not been scheduled due to a shortage of medical specialists, junior doctors or support staff. You can always adjust the result of the planners manually.

Medspace allshift

All services of the entire hospital on one webpage

MedSpace Allshifts provides an overview of all shifts for all medical specialists in all departments of a single hospital. This information is taken real-time from the different MedSpace shift rosters within the hospital. Useful for A&E and reception. And with a MedSpace Light version, the departments without MedSpace shift rosters can also be included

The MedSpace Schedule Monitor

Get a picture of your entire department at a glance

You can now install a large schedule monitor for your department by the front desk, meeting room or outpatient clinic. The touch screen is immediately updated when any change is made by the schedule planner. The schedule planner has login authorisation.

MedSpace®’s management system is ISO/IEC 27001 certified. This means that MedWeb adheres to protocols and procedures as defined in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001 guidelines.

MedSpace®, an internet company for doctors, has joined Performation in 2021. Our main product is an innovative one online scheduling application for doctor specialists.
MedSpace is used by more than 560 services in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.