MedSpace has countless features to cater to your specific requirements.

A few of them are listed below:

  • Web-based, which means it is accessible anytime, anywhere via the internet. 99.99% uptime. Ideal if you work from multiple locations.
  • Synchronisation with mobile phone, Outlook and the MedSpace app.
  • MedSpace app, which you can use to view your daily programme and changes to your schedule for the coming week, request shift changes and absences and set up working hours registration.
  • Request holidays and shift preferences with acceptance feature highlighting discontinued activities.
  • Manual and automatic shift planner for multiple shift types linked to multiple shift groups. The administrator can generate the shift roster manually or automatically.
  • The free MedSpace app where you can view your daily schedule, request scheduling changes for the upcoming week, shift changes and absences, and set up a timesheet. The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Vacation request and shift preferences and allocation function with signaling of dropped activities.
  • Manual and automatic shift scheduler for multiple shift types linked to multiple shift groups. The administrator can manually or automatically create the shift schedule. Also for differentiated standby shifts.
  • Manual and automatic activity scheduler for all or a limited set of activities.
  • In capacity planning, you can specify how many specialists you need per activity for each part of the day. The totalization then signals under- or overutilization. Underutilization shows red.
  • Import one or more basic timetables, integrally, per group or per person, for a self-defined time period.
  • Automatic calculation of part timers for shifts, vacations, training days and days off.
  • Automatic planning according to the collective labor agreement (CLA) rules of the hospitals.
  • Self-scheduling in three steps.Two-stage scheduling. First by availability and then by workplace.
  • Import of employee or schedule data.
  • Management module for the export to payroll systems or other software used within the hospital

Curious? Watch the demo now and learn all about MedSpace!

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