Employees enter their shift preferences and absences and the automatic schedulers do the rest. You always have the option to change everything manually. As administrator, you publish the roster and voilà, the scheduled period is visible to everyone. Because MedSpace is web-based, you can work on the work schedule whenever and wherever you want. From home, from the hospital or from another location.

MedSpace is incredibly flexible. Your scheduling procedure is always supported, whether it’s a full-time schedule or a regular timetable. Suppose you want to introduce a basic roster with workstations on fixed days, after which you want the open positions to be scheduled automatically. You can do this in two steps and in no time at all. And, of course, you will be notified if there is underutilization. Would you like to use self-scheduling? With a single click, you open the roster for input by your employees. When the deadline for input has passed, you or your co-manager can fill in the open workstations, either automatically or not. And you always have the option of checking whether the work schedule complies with the collective bargaining agreement. And last but not least, if your formation falls short, a second layer of rotators can be scheduled.

Especially in times of staff shortages, two-stage planning is a welcome addition to the scheduling process. In the first phase, you schedule your staff according to availability. In the second phase, you schedule them according to their work location, in a predetermined order. The department with the highest priority is scheduled first. Then the second department and so on. Shortages become apparent in the lowest priority department. You can then always decide to close the department or make use of the flexible shell.

With the MedSpace app for requesting shift changes and time recording, you have a complete system for planning your hospital ward. With links to external systems. MedSpace can be purchased per department or for the entire hospital.service configurations to. And for your workplace planning there is an automatic activity planner. Moreover, the counts are correct and the entry of vacations, refresher courses and shifts is seconds work. All this saves you a lot of time.

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